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Do you ever just feel like nobody wants you. Like you aren’t needed by anyone.

Could life get any worse right now?

Nope probably not

Its killing me knowing that I’ll never be able to do that again. Every day things just get more blurry. I need clarity in my life.

I’m sorry.

Who even cares anymore

I have nobody to talk to anymore so once again i’m forced to keep everything inside.

First my brother loses his girl. Then I lose mine. And now my parents. My life is literally crumbling right in front of my eyes and I can do absolutely nothing about it. Fuck. You were my heroes all my life and now this. I’ve never felt this horrible.


You never took interest in me or what i was doing either.

Am I just a horrible person and I don’t realize it? 5 times. I took you back every time because I loved you more than anything and i thought this time will be the time where everything will be perfect and then one of us messes up. I guess i was just naive.