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Don’t tell me that i’m being childish, you broke up with me over the god damn phone. You have already put me through more than enough and made my life hell. Don’t favorite my stuff, i’m bigger than you so don’t try and bring me down for the millionth time. 


Well I though you would have the decency to do it in person if it ever happened again but apparently you’re too god damn heartless and mean. You are not a good person, I love and miss you now but i don’t even know. Life is a long time and i was ready and you were before but I guess YOUR FEELINGS CHANGED. Hmm familiar? fuck.

Everytime I see you my heart drops and I fall in love again. Everytime. I don’t know that you’re the one i’m going to marry but i do know that i absolutely love you and i don’t need to think about that right now. As long as I am in love with you then that’s all that should matter. You say you’re in love with me but apparently that’s not all that matters to you. Think of it this way, if you love me more than anything in the world then why are you worrying about this now? You say you have a feeling that i’m not “the one” but what if I am. What if we are meant to have this happen to us so you can realize that you and I are the most awkward,cute,weird,loving,perfect couple ever.