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I’m sorry.

Who even cares anymore

I have nobody to talk to anymore so once again i’m forced to keep everything inside.

First my brother loses his girl. Then I lose mine. And now my parents. My life is literally crumbling right in front of my eyes and I can do absolutely nothing about it. Fuck. You were my heroes all my life and now this. I’ve never felt this horrible.


You never took interest in me or what i was doing either.

Am I just a horrible person and I don’t realize it? 5 times. I took you back every time because I loved you more than anything and i thought this time will be the time where everything will be perfect and then one of us messes up. I guess i was just naive.


I always thought of you as different. Guess I was wrong


I can’t believe that you could do this to me again. Like you didn’t hurt me enough

Did you really just do that again? All of a sudden, everything is turned the fuck upside down and I don’t know who I am. I hate you for doing this to me. Im sorry. But this is just too much. I don’t even know what to say.